trying to keep up with strawberry’s memes! i forgot to blog the school photo one, and then my computer farted out and i couldn’t do the next two in a reasonable amount of time so here’s this week’s meme which is all about dressing up like a movie character. i decided to pick one of my favourite bad guys from a japanese splatter gore film called “Ichi the Killer”. i’m not sure if he is the villain of the story, or the protagonist, but he is the partial focus of the movie (besides ichi himself.)

Kakihara from Ichi the Killer

kakihara is a very disturbed individual who enjoys inflicting pain on himself through out the film. he is part of a gang, and their boss is brutally murdered. he takes it upon himself to figure out who the killer was. along the way we see more and more than he is quite mad and by the end of the movie he is pretty bat shit crazy.

Kakihara from Ichi the Killer

ichi the killer was my entry into japanese horror cinema, after this i got really hooked on their splatter gore films and other more traditional horror movies. this movie is directed by my absolute favourite director takashi miike, who has directed a few other films that i quite enjoy. they are all extremely weird. we also share the same birthday!

if you like gross movies with impossible amounts of blood, and you don’t mind a bit of nasty sex stuff thrown in, you might enjoy this film, if you are a bit on the squeamish side, stay far far away.

this movie also has one of my very favourite scenes ever. even though it is short, i think it is an awesome show of special effects and makeup.

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