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i haven’t written in a while and i’m tired of apologizing for that.. so i’m not gonna. the previously mentioned carrie tribute dress is now available inworld at our store if you are interested in getting it. i’m kinda disappointed in its lack of sales, but instead of being hard on myself i’m just going to say that it was probably just not something the normal crowd would go for, not to mention its my first real attempt at making a dress. but i’m not going to let it stop me. no… i’m going to keep trying and learn, and do better stuff. i know i’ll never be some super fashionista clothing designer, and who are we kidding, i’d never want to be that to begin with. but i do want to make things i am proud of, and even though i am proud of my carrie dress, i can do better.

next week is my 3rd rezday. i have no idea if i am going to party for it, or if i am going to just silently let it slip past. haven’t decided yet.

i totally stopped doing my 365 sl thing and i feel bad now.. its been several days without a photo and i know i need to catch back up and keep going but i just feel very uninspired to do any photos lately…

i do want to get back into photography though and i have been trying to come up with a way to extend my abilities to the public. recently i took some lovely shots of my sl brother and his new wife ava.

caile & avacaile & ava

caile & avacaile & ava

they are adorable together <3 but i want to do more of these and perhaps for paying customers :p (no i do not charge family..) as well as maybe do some creepier work for people who are interested in that sort of thing. i know i keep talking about it and never do it but i just can’t seem to figure out what to charge for stuff. that’s mainly what stops me.

oh speaking of photos there’s a butt meme going around the bloggers and plurkers of sl, so lucas and i decided to make ours a double 😀

i dunno if that will show up for everyone, i had to flag it moderate because last time i left a butt photo flagged safe flickr had a hissy fit. we have cute butts, flickr should be glad i put our asses on there at all.

and so my blogging for today ends. i dunno what else to say.

so i got tagged..

i rarely get tagged so i of course am doing this meme :p

i was tagged by the diva so here you go,the meme was to go to the 6th page of my flickr, and find the 6th photo and blog it:


this is a picture of keeran as he was floating over the dance floor during the end party for musa artis exhibition. he had to leave early so he was going to destroy his build first and i hadn’t even had a chance to alter my windlight settings so it’s all bright and cheery :p i don’t know keeran very well but he’s an all right guy from what i do know about him.

i suck at tagging people for this but i will tag anyone who sees this and has not done it yet :p