wow, a whole year already? time flew by a bit quick me thinks.

it is a new year and with it brings new expectations and new chances. i am “single” on sl. decided i might as well be onthe prowl. this does not mean i’m looking for a real relationship, just something to have when i’m logged in. :p

today my ass got verified! yes! i can now go romp in silent hill once more 😀 how’d i manage to finally get it fixed? american express giftcard! fuck if i’d known that i would have used one a long time ago!!!

ah well, taken care of none the less :3

i am now a dj for phreak radio. i ASSUME my show is on fridays but i’m not sure if the schedual will be changed or something now that some jobs have changed around the station. i’ll keep you posted on that.

not much else to say.

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