is nimil really that hard to spell?

i always thought my name was pretty easy to spell, sure its a bitch to pronounce right but spelling? it can be done with one hand. n i m i l. all right hand keyboard keys! so… why do i get called namil? numal? nimal? nami? etc?? seriously… i’d love to know. and its not like you have to guess at the spelling, its floating over my head the entire time i’m wandering around in sl. its right next to everything i type. hell if you have that much of a problem figuring out the spelling, open my profile and copy paste it from the name box there.

another thing driving me nuts today. breaking and entering… today i logged into my home, started looking though my SoM messages, checking out the group notices i had, all that good log in stuff, when i see that familiar green text:

name withheld: is definitely aroused

in my chat window.

ok i live on a bdsm island, and sometimes people wander around with their clicky bits out, so i didn’t think much about it.. until i took a moment to look at the avatar list that the emerald client is so wonderful to provide and see two avatar names in very close proximity to where i am standing.

yes that’s right.. they were IN MY BEDROOM. two “women” fucking on my 3000L$ bed. so i did what any sane home owner would do. i screamed GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE, and then hit the bounce and ban button. oh how i love that button, it is so rare that i get to use it, but when i do i relish the moment.

so anyway one of them im’s me with “ok.. sorry” to which i replied “learn to read, enjoy your ban” yeah i know i’m a bitch, but seriously, this is MY house, and it even says PRIVATE RESIDENCE in the title bar. you have no excuse… not to mention my doors are locked and when you click them it tells you that they are locked. so these people cammed in and sat on something in my home to fuck on my bed.

ok and i know noobs do this.. yeah.. i have no idea why noobs break into people’s homes, i never did.. but they didn’t even have the excuse of that. both of these “ladies” were from 2006. NO EXCUSE. so i hope they enjoyed their trip to the edge of the sim.

*breathes* ok i feel better now.

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