58/365 : lost in the fog, one last time

Originally uploaded by *nimil*

today was kind of a meh day, with nothing much to do and then rain and storms which lag my internets.. so i felt meh today and decided to go to little silent hill. to my dismay when i got to where LSH is supposed to be.. i was greeted with empty land, no fog, and a wishing well. for a moment i thought maybe i was lost, i checked the owner’s profile, her picks gave me the bad news i didn’t need. little silent hill has been closed down.

LSH has always been one of my favourite places in second life. when i started SL back in 2006, i looked up silent hill randomly one day and i found that place. i lived in jack’s inn for a while, i have all the freebies, i even wore the silent hill tshirt from that pack for a long time when i was just starting out. i’d always wanted my sl wedding to be in the balkan church. in 2007 i got my account payment info verified for the simple fact that they made the land restricted to verified accounts only. when windlight came out, i even made a windlight setting especially for it.

so many memories now gone.. i’ve lost way too much this year…

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