so BAM! lucas and i went crazy on the 4th and bought a fireworks package that pretty much almost set nepenthe on fire lol

(apologies, the snapzilla photos aren’t as good as the flickr one there but i was too busy to take double copies of these…)

anyway so fireworks were awesome and lucas turned 1 year on sl 😀

the next night he got his rezday lapdance since we kinda passed out on eachother the night before


i am working on a little build project slowly… it’s taking a bit of time because i am so exausted when i get off work so my brain is like “OH GOD NO MORE WORKIE!!!” and i just end up standing there while lucas builds X_x

i have no idea what to write about! grid is down for maintenance and i am playing god of war.

(and yes i changed the layout again.)

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