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and then there was prom

woops i didn’t blog for most of a year. to be honest there wasn’t much to really talk about on here. BUT i should really blog about my first pixel prom i suppose. i actually went this year, with christa and dakota as my dates.

prom 2016

it was fun but very laggy, lots of crashes until i finally gave up and derendered everyone but my dates :p i had a wonderful time, and i hope we can do this again next year!

17/365 “what the hell are you?”

17/365 : what the hell are you?


i haven’t been taking the time to post all of my 365’s but today’s i would like to dedicate to something that i feel is becoming a bit of confusion in my second life, and i want to set the record straight, and hopefully give some information on something that many of you might not have any experience with.

when i joined second life, i thought it was a community for furries, like furcadia, because the people who showed second life to me were furries, and we stuck to the furry areas. obviously my base avatar was human, but i thought that furries were the majority. once i started exploring on my own and realized this was not the case, i started to assemble avatars based on my more humanoid role playing game characters. nimil, torch, and 5880, as well as just fiddling around with an avatar that slightly resembled myself but not.

for me, second life became a place where i could visualize people i had written about for years.

in real life, i’ve always been the weird one, the “freak”. the little goth kid, and the weird girl with the weird fashion sense. this obviously traveled with me into second life, but beyond that, i was given the option to augment and change my physical form at will.

this is what made me a shape shifter.

every day i log into second life and i am given unlimited options of what i want to look like that day. most days i dress my mood. shitty day? dead girl or demon chick, happy day? silly cartoony furry avatar. or what ever my close friends are dressing as, i can match them or at least wear something complementive to their appearance.

this is why i stay in second life.

contrary to what some may believe, this is not some major lifestyle or sub culture to me. anyone can be a shape shifter. if you enjoy changing your head every day from one mesh head to another, you are a shape shifter. if some days your skin is african american, and the next day you are a pale white girl, you are a shape shifter. its that simple. that’s all there is to it. there’s no test, no membership card. you just have to enjoy your world and like to change how you look from day to day. even if you just slap on a neko tail once in a while for fun, you are a shape shifter.

of course i am sure there are some people out there that claim this as their true identity, that they do not identify as human in the real world, and instead consider themselves a shapeshifter, but that is not what i am doing. in the real world i am painfully aware that i am nothing more than a human being with one hell of an imagination. however in second life, where my options are limited only by my cash flow, i am happy to have the ability to be all the things.

how can you, dear reader, be a shape shifter? attach a tail, buy a furry avatar, try some skins that aren’t your normal tone, wear colourful hair, wear horns or non-human ears. your options are limited only by your personal imagination (and your $L). if it makes you happy, then enjoy it. don’t let venue rules, “social norms”, or the people around you scare you away from experimenting. i am completely opposed to people telling others that they cannot branch out beyond their humanoid avatars because they are usually human. you are an avatar, be what ever it is that you feel like being! in this world we are all magic. do not squash other’s dabbling in all that second life offers.


2/365 : Star Wars Day!


in real life today i am going to see the new star wars film so today’s 365 is dedicated to that <3 this is one of my non star wars characters that i think i am converting into a sith because she’s got nothing else to do.

1/365 : i woke up like this

1/365 : i woke up like this...

going to attempt another 365 this year, 366 technically, because leap year. but yeah. lets see if i can finally make it all the way through a full year of taking pics of myself.





i’m not sure why i’ve been so lazy in this blog, i’m not dead i promise! i have actually been in second life quite a bit lately. vincent goes to sleep about 8 or 9pm most nights and i jump on sl and enjoy some time with friends or quiet time with my inventory.  i’ve been able to release a few new items in the shop and i’m even tossing around the idea of taking a few photography clients, as long as they can deal with my late night schedule…

i’ve even been exploring second life again which is nice. i have no one telling me not to go certain places which opens my world up tremendously. i’ve explored rp sims, and shopping sims, and everything in between. it has reminded me how much i love this virtual world. its a nice vacation from my skybox.

roleplay sims

i guess this is mostly a post to show off photos? i did a pile up yesterday of a plurk friend.


she is the epitome of pink and glitter, so it was only fair to make her all glittery. the original is here. incase anyone else would like to give the pile up a try.

i have run out of things to talk about, so i’ll stop blogging for now…

second life glamour shots

a couple of days ago Aevalah Nikolaidis on plurk issued the challenge that we should make glamour shot photos using the variety of tips found in this hilarious blog article featuring real life glamour shots. she even created a flickr group for it and i just couldn’t resist! i never got glamour shot photos.. they were never my thing but thanks to the magic of second life, i’m able to fix that!

nimil glamourshot

nimil glamourshot

i tried to hit these with that awful soft light fuzzyness that real glamour shot photos have but i’m so pale that it washed me out a bit too much.

and yes i KNOW i need to start posting here more. real life has reduced me to barely fashion blogging, let alone actually living in second life. but real life is more interesting so its not a big deal :p

One Click Vacations

sheesh.. i haven’t written since july…

a couple of weeks ago i asked people on plurk to provide me with slurls or landmarks to their favourite sims in second life. i went to each of these sims and took one photo that i felt represented the sim in my eyes. and now i’m sharing those with you!

One Click Vacation - No Salvation

No Salvation (must be adult to enter)

One Click Vacation - Sway Land


One Click Vacation - Alirium


One Click Vacation - Zaara


One Click Vacation - Tempura


One Click Vacation - Lost World

Lost World

One Click Vacation - Rust


One Click Vacation - Wastelands

The Wastelands

One Click Vacation - Koreshan


One Click Vacation - Elven Mist

Elven Mist

One Click Vacation - Hamona Island

Hamona Island

One Click Vacation - Legion


One Click Vacation - Innismouth


One Click Vacation - 6pi


One Click Vacation - Cake


this was a very fun project! and i got to see a bunch of places i’ve never been to before which was awesome. i’m sure i will do this again, so if you are friends with me on plurk be on the lookout when i ask for favourite sims!

where the hell is nimil now??

yes i’m a shitty blogger. i go for long stretches of time without any sort of communication. sorry…

if you pay attention to my fashion blog, that’s where i’ve been blogging mostly. i haven’t had much to say about sl that wasn’t me shopping so eh..

i have been taking pretty pictures and becoming more comfortable with shadows and the kirsten viewer. i still use a regular viewer (at the moment singularity) for day to day second life, but kirstens has become my photo tool.

recently i was comissioned by an old friend for a couple of contest photos, here are the photos i did for her:

Malificent Berkson for Hucci and N-core spring 2011

this is for the N-core and Hucci contest

Malificent Berkson Contest Photo Fullsize

and this is for the hugo’s designs april photo contest 😀

mali is a delightful model and i love working with her.

also going on in my life, i am a meeroo mommy O_O if you noticed on my fashion blog, i have been playing with the open beta meeroos for a bit now! i’ve only got 2 rezzed cause i didn’t really want to end up with a huge truck load of them to start out with. my 2 had a baby this afternoon and now i have 3 😀 they are adorable and i need to take more pictures.. i guess that’s a reason to blog eh?

other than that, not much to say. learning a bit more about tools to make sculpties and someday meshes, learning a bit more about texturing…

i really need to come up with a new layout for this place >_< maybe that will make me want to blog more…

365 roundup for day 30-37