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6 years of nimil blackflag

my 6th rez day is on the 11th but unfortunately i won’t be able to celebrate it because i will be at a doctor’s appointment getting needles stabbed into me (yay glucose test…bleh) so i figured i’d write a little blog early to celebrate the day.

when i rezzed into second life i was not looking for anything specific, i wasn’t there for fame, money, or sex. i just wanted something to do. i needed something to waste time on, and wasting time is what i did.

but while i wasted time i also gained quite a bit. good friends, good and bad experiences, and a few awesome new skills. i gained confidence, and social skills that i was severely lacking before hand. although i am still socially awkward and will probably always be that way, i feel that i am much better at expressing my thoughts, feelings, and emotions, to other people because of the experience i’ve had in second life.

thanks to second life i was able to open up and be friendly and make friends, something i have a hard time with in the real world. i gained a support net which helped carry me though some horrible times in my life, the death of my father, the death of my mother, and trying to climb though years of depression that had built up around me like a brick wall.

my 5th year in second life ended with a major change that left me a bit lonely in second life. i no longer have a partner there. this was my choice, and ultimately the best decision i could have come to. but it left me without much of a tie to second life. i can speak to most of my friends via other means, plurk, twitter, and things like that. i spend more time in the real world now which is great but i do miss my virtual world. i just can’t seem to find something that attaches me to it anymore. now with the coming of my son, i find myself even less interested in sitting in a chair.

i am not leaving second life, and this is obviously not a goodbye post, but something about second life seems lost to me now, just like real life used to. it is strange how things have flipped almost completely. i will keep logging in, keep shopping, keep wasting time (what time i have of course..), but its lonely here now and i feel disconnected. i feel uninspired… its like the rl human who entered second life is now in the virtual world, and the avatar that took from second life, all she needed, has become the human being.

i have no idea what i was trying to get at with this ramble, but yeah.. that’s where i am at the moment. over-complex as always.

happy 6 years nimil blackflag, you have served me well.

may 2012 - bored as hell

oh god my wallet

for a while now lucas and i have been working on a new house. we’ve lived in our villa for about a year and something now, and decided it was time for a change. so lucas and i came up with an awesome beach house idea, and he built it. now finally we have gotten to the last little bit of work.. some texture aligning, and adding some windows here and there. its really lovely and i’m excited because we’ve got a lot of prims left over which means lots more room for me to decorate!

i’ve spent a ton of money on furniture and hardly got anything! why does furniture in sl cost so much X_x its nice stuff though, and i really appreciate the hard work people have put into the furniture that we got, but damn.. its insane what stuff costs, so in order to preserve a little bit of cash for myself, i’m also trying my hand at building some stuff for the house as well.

i have a secret love for building furniture, but i never really make anything fancy so i never sell it. i made an entire kitchen set up, as well as a little booth and table for the dining area. lucas helped me make some really nice chairs for one of the patio areas, and i’m building more cushy furniture for our tv area.

the house lucas is making is amazing, and i’m not just saying that because he’s making it. i seriously love it, and i can’t wait to show it off! but no pictures till its done being textured cause we’re still working on those textures and it looks silly at the moment.

in other news, i’m getting kinda pissed at the thinc press guy… he has this rediculous update system that requires him to be online to send me my update. its been over a week now i believe.. and i still don’t have my press. i paid a huge chunk of change for that and the book a while ago, and i really don’t like the idea of purchasing it again. so if anyone who reads this knows this guy, could you please poke him and tell him to send me my update!!!!

because of the lack of the thinc press, my awesome photography books will be postponed as well as the ability to offer photo albums for my photo clients. that really sucks :/

other than that, its been a pretty good week. i’m working on some clothes again and i’m getting better all the time!

oh yes should probably mention before i go, its a couple of days till august, and august is my RL birthday month! it also means that my pro flickr account is going to expire… (on the 19th) not going to beg or anything but since i have no real world money >_> if anyone would like to help me keep that.. click here it would be an awesome birthday present!

well that’s all for me, here’s an adorable photo i did before i go.


strange things you do when you’re bored

i’m building a photo studio high above the LuNi store, and i made it a big box that i can change the light and texture of at will. after finishing with it, i made it full bright, white, and glowing.. and then danced around in it with a windlight setting that made me pitch black.

experimenting with light and the lack ofexperimenting with light and the lack ofexperimenting with light and the lack ofexperimenting with light and the lack of

there’s also a video that goes with this but for some reason i can’t embed it on this blog so just click here to see it.

not much else to say, haven’t been really doing much lately. i do want to say… i’m not dead lol so don’t miss me :p i’m only an im away.

the future is bright… um.. as you can see. heh.

so its Saturday

and i was trying to come up with something to blog about but i couldn’t so instead i’ll just blog about life.

this whole week i’ve been traveling back and forth to 1 store… aoharu. why you ask? well because they have an amazing 50% off sale going on and i need to quell my fear of sculpted prim clothing and colour.

here’s me, fainting in the middle of aoharu, realizing my wallet is going to be raped of its contents any moment…

i ended up not buying as much as i figured i would.. i couldn’t decide on things, and i still could not bring myself to buy clothes that were in colours other than black! (i have a serious problem here…)

i got a shirt, and a jacket/dress thing.. and a hair, which i’ll probably blog all of on forced midnight. stopped off in the shoe department where i was greeted by this scary poster:

ok i am not saying this isn’t amazing photo work, but.. is.. she.. holding her foot up to show it to us!?!?! like “hay guyz! check out my detachable foot!” that’s the part that kinda freaked me out a bit about the whole thing.

so i rushed home after oggling everything and figured i’d drag lucas back there later and force him to buy sexy mens clothing.

bad idea! ok not totally a bad idea because rawr.. lucas looks hot in the stuff he got but holy fuck! the modding he had to do just to get things to fit his body was insane. we’d both expected to have to mod a little of course, but we also figured that, being that the store was japanese, he’d have a chance to fit into this stuff without much mod work because usually the japanese male clothing we find fits him pretty well. not the case here. it took him over an HOUR to mod a suit to fit his body. and another 30 minutes for the two jackets he bought. one shirt we’re still having problems with the collar on. so ouch.. buyer beware, if you aren’t one with the prims, you are going to have a hell of a time. lucas also took the plunge and purchased the men’s sandals with the prim toes. they came out pretty nice, and i decided today to give over to temptation and buy some myself…

yes i am was prim foot virgin, i did not own any pairs of shoes with prim feet, not even prim toes. i was a bit of a snob for a while, stating that i would never… but yes.. i did… i bought not one but 2 pairs of shoes from this store. a pair of heels and a pair of sandals. i bought the wrong colour sandals (that’s what i get for not letting things rez) but i still kinda like them, and i will probably go pick up the right ones later on tonight. oh and then i talked myself into buying a bright green dress.

the shoes that i got were.. interesting.. adjusting them so i didn’t have the scary leg/foot gap was easy, which was a relief.. i have seen so many horribly modded prim feet that i was worried i would look awful. i can’t get them to match my skin completely because my skin is a little more highlighty than the foot skin but i tried my best to match them up.. please do not fug my feet lol i am still a noob at this D:. the hud that you get for the feet is nice except it does not save the custom colours like it says it does.. and i’ll most likely send a note to the creator about that. also i don’t really like the +/- red blue green options.. i would much rather be able to input rgb values like some other shoes out there. however for a first time prim foot wearer, i like them and they look nice on me.

what else did i do this week?

well i got married… again. something that lucas and i have always done. anytime we find a working chapel in second life, we get married. its very romantic and one of these days i will make a wedding album of the photos of all our chapel escapades. this one was set up kinda like a vegas chapel complete with a little veil and bouquet for the bride.

and a sculptie elvis (who’s curled lip makes his face look kinda deformed). so congrats to us for getting married for the 238947294756234723th time.

there was also general silliness last night when my brother invited me to visit him and his wife while they planned out a new sky box. my sister was also there as well as ava’s best friend, so we had a little mini party. this is us playing onigokko.

and so that’s what i’ve done this week. its been alot of fun, and my wallet hates me.

just adding this photo to remind myself, and everyone else.. this is why i log into second life… <3

what is going on

i’m not sure if anyone noticed, but i deleted my plurk. i guess its not that big of a deal, i really didn’t have much to say anyway. i deleted it because i got bored of it, i was marking all as read all the time and not even reading most of what was posted on there. i also deleted it to give myself one less place to open my big mouth, because it gets me in trouble. there are too many people on there that piss me off, and seeing them respond to things, i bite my tongue a lot. so this is me getting the hell out of there before i completely ruin myself in the eyes of second life.

but anyway, since no one has im’ed me freaking out about it or anything, i’m guessing its not going to really affect anyone’s life. i am going to try and write in this blog more, but i’m really not doing anything interesting in SL right now. i seem to have the dull disease in all lives.

i am working on making some books of my artwork to sell in the gallery upstairs in our store. i realized alot of people love my stuff but have no where to hang it, so i figured, i have a thinc press that never gets used, why don’t i just make books for people to enjoy! and so that’s what i’m going to do. the first book should have everything you see in the gallery now, plus a few that aren’t in there that i love. more on that after i actually get it all together.

how much do people charge for photoshoots? the answers i get from that question are insanely random. so many different prices and i have no clue where i should set mine. if you’re a photographer, or know one, help me out? give me some ideas… i am stuck on that one minor detail.

and before i close the blog tonight, i want to remind you to visit and check out the inworld gallery. i am so proud to be a part of this project.

NOH8 (originally taken by Trace Osterham)

My Inspiration?

zoe connolly started this meme about our avatar’s inspiration, and i figure hey, i could use some prompts for writing, so i’m jumping on board.

(picture stolen from jessyka cause she made it cute :p)

my avatar has always had an odd personal style.. not to mention the fact that she is a shape-shifter, which leaves me with endless possibilities.

my main style is mostly influenced by anime. i have always loved the style of japanese cartoons, the way people look, with their oddly styled, and coloured hair, and their crazy clothing.

my avatar’s look also comes from the harajuku street style of dress seen in japan, as well as many J-Rock musicians. i am heavily influenced by their outlandish style of dress and the fact that even with so many people in their country, they tend to all be so very unique in style.

yes i am a little bit of a japan-nerd…

my body shape is inspired by my rl shape.. from a few years ago. i’m not going to lie, i’m no a thin girl, and i have gained a bit of weight, but the body shape you see on nimil now, is the body i had in high school more or less, only with smaller boobs lol. my face is a merging of my real life self and more of that anime stylization which i find personally aesthetically pleasing.

some of my looks are also inspired by musicians and actors… my more dressy looks tend to lean towards pinup girl style. but i cannot pinpoint a single musician or actor that i am inspired by… i suppose its more the style they wear but not them specifically, if that makes sense? i’m also inspired by fantasy and scifi stories full of elves and hybrid people.

anyway, that’s me sorta.. to the best i can explain anyway.

Nimil’s Hair Fair Report

i had a wonderful time at the hair fair preview thing! even though a few booths were still empty or half open i was able to grab most of the stuff i wanted on preview day!
this year’s hair fair was themed after candy land, and i was dying of sugar shock at every turn. giant cup cakes! candy! and of course hair (now thinking about it.. getting candy in your hair or hair in your candy is kinda gross)
there were some great booths, and some interesting hair this year, and of course there was lag… even though they asked us to keep the arc down i saw plenty of people there in friggin ball gowns and arc’s well over 2k. i myself chose a very low arc outfit, no shoes, and hair from etd which kept me in the green and somewhere around 400 i think.
see this sign? if you can’t figure out what to wear for hair fair or you show up in something lagtastic and start bitching about the lag, click this sign and get the low arc outfit and hair provided! it will help you and the people around you enjoy the hair fair!
congrats to this year’s flickr contest winners! i was lazy and didn’t enter this year (oops) but i was very blown away with those who did! everyone should go check them out!
i know i showed up in different hair but my friend autumn gave me her awesome new hair called gattina and i decided i had to wear it for the rest of the day! it worked well with my outfit as well!
here’s a closeup of this awesome hair!
great isn’t it? make sure you stop by the tiny bird booth and check out all of autumn’s awesome newness!
there was alot of great crazy hair at the hair fair, here’s a couple that i didn’t actually buy but i did admire alot.
this one is by curio obscura (i hope i got that right, i’m not on sl at the moment to check!) and it’s called “let them eat cake off of your head” and it features some crazy doll hair style curls and mountains of cake 😮 perfect for the hair fair theme this year! just please don’t wear it at the hair fair please!
this one is by toast bard and i am stupid and forgot to note down the name of it but it made me laugh since you could pretty much call yourself a pot head when you wear it :p. i might actually go back and get this one.
while roaming around, i bumped into the owner of calico creations and she tossed me a blogger pack of hair 😀 she was actually the only hair designer at the preview who actually did that, and i will be blogging that in another post later on! she is also wearing a cute style that i ended up buying a black pack of because i can never have too many pig tails. anyway i wanted to take a photo of her because she was very nice 🙂
the last photo of the hair fair that i got is my favourite booth at the fair (not to mention a favourite store of mine)
the hair at house of munster is awesome and really fits my punk/goth moods. i will be going back for more of her hair fair hair because she didn’t have the black pack vendor set out for one of the hairs i wanted, but i did grab another from her booth that i will have in my hair fair haul blog later on.
and that’s all i have for this report. stay tuned for more after i can properly log into sl and take photos of everything i got.
hair fair outfit credits:
hair: gattina – tiny bird|HF location
(pigtails at the start of the blog: paula II – ETD)
skin: (DN) Vogue Skin – Pure (Last Call – Fishnet) – celestial studios
eyes: eye typeB red2 – Fantajecca (store is gone)
tanktop: Easy Street Tank (white) – TorridWear
boxers: Spooky Boxers – Civvies (prize from their halloween hunt last year)
socks: Mismatched old socks (stripes White/Grey) – Canimal

it’s hair fair time!

and once again i get to go see it before the crowd gets in! and i’ll be posting a double edition of my hair fair report here and on forced midnight!

i am so excited to go again this year! last year’s haul was awesome and i got a ton of great hair.. anyone that knows me knows that my inventory is 80% hair lol so this should be another haul of awesome!

i am not sure if i will be at the pj party but i will definitely be lurking around the sims at some point so please feel free to pounce on me if you wish :p i don’t bite, but i do scurry away from big crowds and big names >_>

if you have any hair that you would like to have showcased on forced midnight (must meet the requirements of the blog please) let me know! i’d love to have your stuff on there 😀

the laziest girl on the internet

that should be my new title. all the junk that i could be doing, all the stuff i could write about, take pictures for, etc… i am just too lazy to bother D:

my rezday was almost a week ago, and i didn’t write a blog about it! i should really write one up about all the amazing presents lucas bought me even though i told him i really didn’t need/want anything for my rezday, just him <3 he bought me a ton of clothing at the fashion expo.

i did my poppins rezday jump which the lovely moggs had come up with sometime last year. she says lucas and i were her inspiration because we used to naked skydive off our skybox XD and the rest of the rezday was spent with cuddles and trying on my new outfits.

the tasteful butt meme gallery opening went off without a hitch and was quite fun. there were alot of people i didn’t know there but i reigned in my anti-social fear and hung around for the duration. got to dance on a ledge with jaeck and near the end crap mariner tried to chainsaw me! evil robots… *grumbles* the gallery is open from now until the end of the month and you can get there by clicking here.

in sorta rl meets sl news, moggs sent me NINE packages of tim tams! i am in biscuit heaven and if you see me somewhere laying in a puddle of melted chocolate near death please blame her :p

and that’s all i’ve got…