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17/365 “what the hell are you?”

17/365 : what the hell are you?


i haven’t been taking the time to post all of my 365’s but today’s i would like to dedicate to something that i feel is becoming a bit of confusion in my second life, and i want to set the record straight, and hopefully give some information on something that many of you might not have any experience with.

when i joined second life, i thought it was a community for furries, like furcadia, because the people who showed second life to me were furries, and we stuck to the furry areas. obviously my base avatar was human, but i thought that furries were the majority. once i started exploring on my own and realized this was not the case, i started to assemble avatars based on my more humanoid role playing game characters. nimil, torch, and 5880, as well as just fiddling around with an avatar that slightly resembled myself but not.

for me, second life became a place where i could visualize people i had written about for years.

in real life, i’ve always been the weird one, the “freak”. the little goth kid, and the weird girl with the weird fashion sense. this obviously traveled with me into second life, but beyond that, i was given the option to augment and change my physical form at will.

this is what made me a shape shifter.

every day i log into second life and i am given unlimited options of what i want to look like that day. most days i dress my mood. shitty day? dead girl or demon chick, happy day? silly cartoony furry avatar. or what ever my close friends are dressing as, i can match them or at least wear something complementive to their appearance.

this is why i stay in second life.

contrary to what some may believe, this is not some major lifestyle or sub culture to me. anyone can be a shape shifter. if you enjoy changing your head every day from one mesh head to another, you are a shape shifter. if some days your skin is african american, and the next day you are a pale white girl, you are a shape shifter. its that simple. that’s all there is to it. there’s no test, no membership card. you just have to enjoy your world and like to change how you look from day to day. even if you just slap on a neko tail once in a while for fun, you are a shape shifter.

of course i am sure there are some people out there that claim this as their true identity, that they do not identify as human in the real world, and instead consider themselves a shapeshifter, but that is not what i am doing. in the real world i am painfully aware that i am nothing more than a human being with one hell of an imagination. however in second life, where my options are limited only by my cash flow, i am happy to have the ability to be all the things.

how can you, dear reader, be a shape shifter? attach a tail, buy a furry avatar, try some skins that aren’t your normal tone, wear colourful hair, wear horns or non-human ears. your options are limited only by your personal imagination (and your $L). if it makes you happy, then enjoy it. don’t let venue rules, “social norms”, or the people around you scare you away from experimenting. i am completely opposed to people telling others that they cannot branch out beyond their humanoid avatars because they are usually human. you are an avatar, be what ever it is that you feel like being! in this world we are all magic. do not squash other’s dabbling in all that second life offers.


365 roundup for day 30-37






365 roundup for day 22-28












a 365 roundup

oh hai.. i have been forgetting to post my 365 pictures every day so i thought maybe on saturdays i could just post a weekly roundup.





ugh… my teleports have been fail all day.





12/365 : mini me


this is my child alt that rarely sees the light of day. i was inspired today by arwyn’s blog post about tom boy kid avvies and it made me want to go give mine a makeover. and i finally got her an ao!

yes you might notice, my kid alt is a neko! shocking i know.. and she does have a tail but it got hidden by her leg.

maybe i’ll start playing a kid more often.

10/365 and 11/365

if only i could remember to blog these after posting them! ugh!



i have been deep cleaning my inventory this past week. i’ve boxed up a lot and i’ve deleted a lot of junk. i still have a ton of folders to get though but i’m hoping that if i can delete some junk and box some junk and put away some junk then maybe just maybe i won’t have so many problems with teleports. mind you these problems only happen on the old style ui so if i wanted to just be lazy i could just stay on 2.0 clients but imprudence is way too stable and never crashes and i hate crashing, so i am still staying on the old client.

the top picture there is an old costume i bought from a japanese shop. its a character from the anime “rozen maiden” and i never wore it, not even once lol i bought it because i am an anime fantard and i wanted it because she is my favourite character from the show. today it got boxed up.

the shoes on the bottom picture were my staple shoes for a looonnnnnggg time. i used to think these were the greatest shoes on the face of the planet. i loved them so much and i seriously wish someone would take the idea and redo it with sculpties and stuff.

these also found their way into a box.

my inventory is down several thousand items since i started this mission impossible. hopefully i can kull a big chunk out of it before next year X_x

oops i forgot a couple days

i posted them on flickr but forgot to post them here. didn’t have much to say on them anyway so here’s 8/365 and 9/365