ah, wonderful day on sl today. seriously, except for the fact that my sl boyfriend is not around as much as i would like, and except for the fact that people suck, i had a pretty good day.

spent time working on my matrix character ‘glitch’ who has been a long time comming. i was just too lazy/poor to make her. but now she’s alive! whee!

the wonderful and talented psyra extraordinaire was around while i was fiddling around with the costume and he made me some awsome matrix code scrolling eye lenses!


other than that i was a lazy dork. bought some hair, explored the crimson empire which is a roleplaying place near where i live/work. it’s actually pretty damn cool and i’m concidering joining up.

my sl twin seth showed up briefly and i caught an adorble picture of his dragon giving my dragon a smooch.

we are the dorkiest siblings ever.

ok to bed with me!

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