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nothing special today. spent all day playing wow.. borked up my spec and have to re-spec and re-gear… that’s what i get for playing a class i’ve never played before.



mostly untouched (i did use a little liquify and some blur on graphic glitches), using kirsten’s viewer with DOF and shadows on.

create your dream viewer

i know i’ve not been writing much, i’ve been roaming around in other videogames and not doing much of nothing in second life. mostly its because i’m in kind of a stand off with second life viewers. thanks to emerald fucking up, i’ve had to try and find something new to use. of course i did jump over to imprudence because of what i mentioned before, however recently their builds have been highly unstable on my computer, and no one can see to figure out why. my crash dumps are always empty! it makes no sense! especially with the computer i’m running sl on. i never crashed on my old piece of junk, but here i am running high powered newness and its crash city.

sometimes i wish i could just piece together the awesome from all viewers and have it my way. of course i can’t do that because i don’t know anything about programming, but if i could here’s what i would make.

  • the shadows from kirstens viewer. i love all the extra stuff she’s included to help control how shadows appear. not to mention the fact that you can take photos with shadows on instead of having to screen shot. and unlike 2.0’s shadows. you actually have your eyeballs.
  • multi-wearables a-la-2.0. i want multi layers! not all too interested in multi attachments but the layers i would so very much love to have now that we have tattoo and alpha layers.
  • the UI from old SL. i hate the new 2.0 viewer UI. i’m sorry yes i’m in that camp with the rest. it drives me insane and i can’t get used to it. the tear off sidebar is helping a little but there is a lot that i just do not enjoy.
  • the features from imprudence. radar, temp uploads, double click tp (which i’m told is in other viewers as well but i mainly use imp) rlv, ANTI ALIASING THAT WORKS, devs who give a crap about their users and don’t do stupid immature bullshit.
  • unlimited radar range from who ever is keeping that little bit from emerald. yes i’m sorry i like knowing who is on the sim i’m on, its not because i’m spying, its just because i don’t like not knowing who is around me. personal preference.

on top of all that, i’d love a viewer that does not crash on my beast of a system please and thank you.

what would you like to see in a second life viewer? what would be your dream viewer?

i will try to write more if my life becomes un-boring :p

the birth of legion

i finally got everything in order and built my new computer. this is something that has been a long time coming and i’m so happy its finally done. everything is so damn fast now and i am giddy every time i log in and see things moving like they are supposed to move. here i thought i was doing good with 10fps. hahaha try 50fps now!

needless to say, i’m back in sl and everything is a-ok. i’m still getting back into the swing of things but i am alive and well and i figured i would let the readers of my blog know.

if you want to read about the computer set up and all that, check out my real life blog which has specs and pictures and stuff. my computer is named “legion” after the creepy AI in mass effect.

my computer is dead.

this is just a message to let you know that my computer has taken its last breath and has passed on today at sometime while i was asleep. the video card fan has stopped turning and this has pretty much given me the kick in the tail needed to go ahead and use my savings to purchase a new computer.

it lived a good life, but probably lived longer than it should have. i bought it from walmart in 2004 (i think it was 04?) after i fried my first computer. its lived though several upgrades but i think the day has come to lay it to rest and go get the monster computer sitting in my newegg wishlist basket.

anyway, because of this i will not be on second life much if at all until i get this new computer ordered. the only computer i have at the moment is my mother’s laptop which is kind of crap. i do have my ipod and the pocket metaverse app so you might see me show up online to get offlines or something but i will not be able to do anything else.

i should be back soon, i just have to go order this monster. if anyone has any questions about LuNi please direct them to Lucas Gerard as i will not be able to handle anything sl related until i return.

58/365 : lost in the fog, one last time

58/365 : lost in the fog, one last time

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today was kind of a meh day, with nothing much to do and then rain and storms which lag my internets.. so i felt meh today and decided to go to little silent hill. to my dismay when i got to where LSH is supposed to be.. i was greeted with empty land, no fog, and a wishing well. for a moment i thought maybe i was lost, i checked the owner’s profile, her picks gave me the bad news i didn’t need. little silent hill has been closed down.

LSH has always been one of my favourite places in second life. when i started SL back in 2006, i looked up silent hill randomly one day and i found that place. i lived in jack’s inn for a while, i have all the freebies, i even wore the silent hill tshirt from that pack for a long time when i was just starting out. i’d always wanted my sl wedding to be in the balkan church. in 2007 i got my account payment info verified for the simple fact that they made the land restricted to verified accounts only. when windlight came out, i even made a windlight setting especially for it.

so many memories now gone.. i’ve lost way too much this year…

wtf is nimil doing???

dear second life,

i have been going crazy for a while now and i apologize that you have had to be a spectator to my breakdown. yes i know that there are a bunch of “you cannot see this picture” images all over my blog now, as i hid my entire flickr stream and then made it public again.. nice one me… you’re a retard.

i also deleted my plurk again, i don’t know if i will reopen it at all or at least any time soon. i am not ment to be that social.

so what am i doing right now? well i’m trying not to go crazy because of my rl problems and i’ll skip the details on that because its not all that interesting. but i will make it. i’m working on some things inworld and learning more about making clothes and its been fun, and tiresome, and a bit of a let down… honestly, i’m not that good. i’m not going to sit here and lie and say i’m the fucking best… i’m mediocre tbh. but i am always happy when people do like what i make and wear it and blog it and all that stuff.. so thank you to those people because you make my day.

on the menu for now, half a million corsets with tutus.. yes.. i went a little crazy. they all kinda look like this. sorry just a link and no picture on the page because flickr will eat my face if i don’t censor that boob and when i mark stuff as moderate flickr won’t let you see it if you’re not logged in. but yeah.. i made that in harley quinn style and some basic colours.

also in the works, hopefully some things for the pink shirt day thing in april. i still need to get in touch with december about that but its a really great project and if you are a blogger or a designer you should really look into it. bullying is a horrible thing in both lives and we should all do what we can to stop it. i was bullied for a long time in my real life as a kid for the simple fact that i didn’t go to church, which to me is a ridiculous reason to beat up a kid… and i’ve been bullied in second life as well by grown adults who think its fun to treat others like worthless shit. and to them all i will say no, you will not knock me down. i will always get back up and dust myself off.

anyway ok i didn’t mean to make some sort of crazy soapbox stand there. other than all that i have no idea what i am doing. i haven’t really done anything amazing with pictures in a long time. if anyone is interested in commissioning me, my calendar is mostly free. i’m attempting to save up for a new computer so anything would help.

welp that’s about all i can think of to write. off to photoshop.

10/365 drow do it in the dark

10/365 drow do it in the dark

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8/365 blizzard dress

8/365 blizzard dress

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so i’ve been working on this dress since the beginning of december.. and finally i was able to finish it today 😀 i am really happy with how much i’ve learned about making clothes.. its amazing how far i’ve come in such a short period of time!

and yes it glows in the dark :p

7/365 – bored

7/365 – bored

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i have no idea what i’m doing today.. couldn’t think of anything so.. here’s me standing in an ny sim with some fancy colour crap going on.. yay.