wow i can’t believe it’s been a whole year now!

tomorrow starting at 9am slt, our land mistress aiko will be having a huge party for the Isle of Shadows. we’ve lived at the isle for a long time, actually longer than it’s been the Isle of Shadows, but that’s another story for another day. today i would like to congratulate aiko on a full year at isle of shadows, and thank her for allowing lucas and i to live there, and play there.

for those who are not familiar, the isle of shadows is a bdsm community complete with a club, dungeon, and class room. the classes are expertly taught by members of the sl and rl bdsm community, ranging from beginner lessons in how to become involved in bdsm, and how to emote, to advanced classes in protocol, and the psychology of bdsm, etc… as well, the island serves as a beautiful home for those of us who live there.

so here’s to you aiko, thank you for the awesome island and here’s to a few more years (sl willing)!

the party as i mentioned earlier, starts today at 9am slt. here’s the official invite from aiko herself (which i am stealing from lucas’ blog because i am lazy!)

It’s been a year with lots of changes and it’s time to celebrate! The Isle of Shadows is 1 year old!
Come celebrate with the residents of Isle of Shadows and the staff of Shadowplay!

This is the birthday bash of the year! Sponsored by LuNi Designs and Aikostar Designs!

Free Gifts! Great Prizes! Incredible Music!

Oct. 30 Starting at 9AM SLT through 8PM Live music, DJ’s and contests all day!

Schedule of Events
9AM – 11AM Radio Free Aiko – Blues Jam – Best in blue contest $500L Prize! 2 categories Men & Women!
11AM – 12PM Skylord Carnell – Live on Stage at Shadowplay BDSM Club & Lounge!
12PM – 2PM Rebel Girl Radio – Best Halloween Costume contest $500L Prize! 2 categories Men & Women!
2PM – 3PM DJ Nimil’s Best in Blood contest! $500L Prize! 2 categories Men & Women!
3PM – Maximillion Kleene – Live on Stage at Shadowplay BDSM Club & Lounge!
4PM – 5PM Radio Free Aiko Raggae Jam – Grand Prize IOS Pumpkin Hunt Winners!
5PM – 6PM Bosco Constantine – Live on Stage at Shadowplay BDSM Club & Lounge!
6PM – 8PM Strummer Vultee – Live on Stage at Shadowplay BDSM Club & Lounge!

Come on out and join the fun! It’s an all day event at the Isle of Shadows!
Please visit our website

so yes! go check out the awesomeness and hey come see me dj!

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