lucas and i have been given the opportunity to build a sim for someone! i was pretty shocked that someone actually was crazy enough to give us free reign of a sim but we are very thankful for the chance to really try something new! (and i’m just kidding about them being crazy, we are capable of doing this :p) lucas has some really awesome ideas for this place and i cannot wait to see them out of his head and into actual virtual space. he build all of our stores (and they have always been cool) as well as our home. this stuff makes me excited and impatient but the wait will be worth it! its also kinda practice for hopefully someday in the future when we will have our own sim… *daydreams*

anyway so i’m going to be busy for a while, so don’t expect to hear much out of me until we get this stuff done X-x not that i write in this thing anyway.

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