i’ve never really done a love thursday before now, but i figure its another way to talk myself into blogging more since i continue to fall out of the routine.

anyway i decided that i would blog about the person i love most in the whole wide world for my first love thursday, my partner and best friend, lucas

my heart

yes i know.. groan she’s going to talk about her boyfriend.. gag… but dammit i am so happy and grateful that he rezzed 3 years ago saturday. so he is my love thursday.

we fight and fuss at each other but in the end, he really truly is my best friend. no one on this earth has ever been so close to me in all my life and i can honestly say that i would be honored to spend the rest of my life with him.

we laugh like two mad freaks cackling at the stupidest shit… with him i feel safe, and protected, and he knows my every secret.

i am truly blessed to have this man in my life.. even if sometimes i am grumpy with him.

i picked lucas for this love thursday because his rezday is saturday, july 4th and i wanted to honor him in some way.

he is my everything.. he is my love everyday, not just thursdays 🙂

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