spook house review number 2

welcome to another haunted house review! today i ventured to the second haunted attraction on the search listings for “haunted”. this haunt seems to be set up just for the holiday season, and did not have a specific name.

this was a typical walk though style house, with several rooms of spooky stuff.

spook house review number 2spook house review number 2spook house review number 2spook house review number 2spook house review number 2

sadly this is a very common thing to see in second life. get a big spooky house, and fill it with scripted stuff, add lights and sound and instant haunt. it is not very engaging and tells no story. there were a few nice areas that could be useful for photography, but a lot of the place is ruined by the addition of random flashing lights, and lightning inside the house which made no sense. i did like the jason pitchforking a lady in the upper bedroom, but the scene was ruined by the weird flashing purple shaft of light you see in the photo.

still, for someone who is not as hardened to horror and haunted houses, this could be an enjoyable adventure. the sim also had a spooky graveyard, as well as some shopping areas. most likely family friendly but as usual check sim rules before bringing little ones.

i would rate this a 3 out of 5

you can visit this haunt here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Happy%20Ever%20After/63/79/22

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