i refreshed my “haunted” search on second life and found a few more places have crept to the top.

haunted valley review

this is haunted valley. a nice little spooky sim complete with a dance club. lots of areas to explore, and a nice spook house on a hill.

haunted valley reviewhaunted valley reviewhaunted valley review

the grounds were kinda dull in my opinion but there is ample space for photo taking without a lot of junk blocking your view. the house was very nice and even though it was just your typical spook house set up, they actually made an effort.

haunted valley reviewhaunted valley reviewhaunted valley review

the interior of the haunted house is well decorated, leaving room for photo taking, and not ruining the ambiance with a dozen ridiculous light/sound effects. the decorations are elegant and high quality. i really want the spooky piano shown in the second photo.

haunted valley was an all around lovely sim and spook house, worth a visit especially if you are looking for somewhere creepy to take photos. i could not find any information on whether this sim was ok to travel to if you have child avatars in your family but as usual, its a good idea to ask before hand. especially since the tp point does take you in front of a dance club.

i give this sim a 4 out of 5

you can visit haunted valley here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yasuka/174/199/43

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