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A Haunting We Will Go: Haunted Valley

i refreshed my “haunted” search on second life and found a few more places have crept to the top.

haunted valley review

this is haunted valley. a nice little spooky sim complete with a dance club. lots of areas to explore, and a nice spook house on a hill.

haunted valley reviewhaunted valley reviewhaunted valley review

the grounds were kinda dull in my opinion but there is ample space for photo taking without a lot of junk blocking your view. the house was very nice and even though it was just your typical spook house set up, they actually made an effort.

haunted valley reviewhaunted valley reviewhaunted valley review

the interior of the haunted house is well decorated, leaving room for photo taking, and not ruining the ambiance with a dozen ridiculous light/sound effects. the decorations are elegant and high quality. i really want the spooky piano shown in the second photo.

haunted valley was an all around lovely sim and spook house, worth a visit especially if you are looking for somewhere creepy to take photos. i could not find any information on whether this sim was ok to travel to if you have child avatars in your family but as usual, its a good idea to ask before hand. especially since the tp point does take you in front of a dance club.

i give this sim a 4 out of 5

you can visit haunted valley here:

A Haunting We Will Go: Forever After Haunted House

spook house review number 2

welcome to another haunted house review! today i ventured to the second haunted attraction on the search listings for “haunted”. this haunt seems to be set up just for the holiday season, and did not have a specific name.

this was a typical walk though style house, with several rooms of spooky stuff.

spook house review number 2spook house review number 2spook house review number 2spook house review number 2spook house review number 2

sadly this is a very common thing to see in second life. get a big spooky house, and fill it with scripted stuff, add lights and sound and instant haunt. it is not very engaging and tells no story. there were a few nice areas that could be useful for photography, but a lot of the place is ruined by the addition of random flashing lights, and lightning inside the house which made no sense. i did like the jason pitchforking a lady in the upper bedroom, but the scene was ruined by the weird flashing purple shaft of light you see in the photo.

still, for someone who is not as hardened to horror and haunted houses, this could be an enjoyable adventure. the sim also had a spooky graveyard, as well as some shopping areas. most likely family friendly but as usual check sim rules before bringing little ones.

i would rate this a 3 out of 5

you can visit this haunt here:

a haunting we will go: The Haunted

welcome to a news series i hope to keep up with for a little while! haunted attractions are my “thing” in rl and one of my dreams for SL has always been to own a haunted attraction sim or at least a parcel… so far i haven’t been able to live that dream but i do enjoy wandering around the haunted sims that pop up every year for the fall/halloween season. this series will be dedicated to those places where creepy things lurk. i’ll wander around and take some photos, and i’ll give you a good idea on whether its worth your time to see it for yourself.

the first attraction on the list is the first attraction on search when you look for “haunted” because well.. its called “the haunted”!

the haunted boasts several areas for creepy fun, including a graveyard, a carnival, and a zombie combat area.


the carnival was sparse with a few creepy rides, nothing mind blowing. i do not recommend the concession stands…

there are two small haunted houses in this area, one is a murder house walk through and one is a spook house ride. the murder house was fun but short, the spook house ride was broken 🙁 and that made me sad because i love spook house rides in both worlds, but the train would never leave the station!


the graveyard is your typical dark spooky graveyard. it is very nicely decorated and there are several areas that could be used for some creepy photography. i especially liked this strange stonehenge-esque area.


the zombie combat area is a post apocalyptic city landscape with dead bodies hanging from equally dead trees, zombie rezzers are all over this area and you can run around killing them. i did not feel like zombie hunting, soooo i took these photos from the gate. it is a very cool looking area though.


all in all i would give this haunted attraction a 4 out of 5.

the areas were well decorated and thought out, and very few low quality items were used. i did not like that the walls around the carnival area were full bright, because that really wrecked photos in the windlight setting i wanted to use. i feel like the carnival could have been dressed up a lot more. it is a bit weak compared to the graveyard and the zombie area. i could not find any information stating if it was ok to come here as a family, so adventurer beware.

stay tuned to this blog for another haunted attraction review coming soon!

you can visit “The Haunted” here