ugh.. i have been a busy little undead bee since returning to second life with my new graphics card, so i haven’t had time to really blog much.

in a small span of time i have completed my GODart picture, had a rl birthday, updated some skins and tshirts, and helped lucas make an item for the twisted hunt.


my birthday was the 24th and i gave horrible short notice to my friends, inviting them to the party the night before… and so… hardly any of them showed up. some of them were actually online during the party, but me being too timid a person, was too chicken to im them and ask them why they were not in attendance.. meh.. i’m just going to tell myself that they probably didn’t read the note card..

anyway the party was great! we held it in mismera which is an awesome rp sim owned by my friend fenni crispien. the sim is open to the public but not finished, so it was a perfect place to hold our party. we had it in jolene’s which is a really awesome roadhouse style bar and fenni even “baked” me a cake!

Birthday Cake by Fenni Crispien

is that not the most awesome cake you have ever seen in your friggin life??

we partied until dawn and the partied more… after the official party ended, we ended up sticking around, and i played music from my dark secret archive of booty rap.. lol lots of fun and lots of lucas pole dancing! i have the best boyfriend ever…


happy birthday to me!

the GODart picture i can’t show you yet but of course i will be inviting you all to the gallery when its open in september! so you can check it out there along with the other awesome artists that will be shown as well.

the twisted hunt starts september 1st and i can’t wait! we have an awesome prize and as usual its limited edition AND it is another piece to the doll set that the key (from vain’s feb hunt) comes from! in celebration of that, i updated all 3 of my doll skins with the new eloh elliott template and they are GORGEOUS.

i also redid all of my snarkey tshirts and they are looking great! i am getting better at this stuff and it makes me happy to see how much has changed.

now i need a nap X_x

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