and i am soooooo glad to be back.. my new videocard is AMAZING! i have never had over 5fps in second life and now i have over DOUBLE that! on ultra even!

for weeks i have been stuck on my dinky little laptop… it felt like i would never see windlight again 🙁 but i am so glad that this is all fixed and taken care of! and i got my godart picture done and now i’m open for taking photo clients again 😀 i still haven’t come up with a set fee but i think i have a good idea of what to charge.

also it got here before my birthday! which means maybe i can have a party! i haven’t decided yet because i’m lazy and i might just spend the day being cuddly with lucas. but at least it won’t be on the damn laptop!

so now i’m going to go and sort though the enormous backlog of inventory i have piled up from my time away.

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