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(trigger warning: please note that some of the images and text in this post may be a trigger for some, especially those who have suffered sexual abuse. please proceed with caution.)

visiting intermundia

an old friend that i haven’t seen in a long time popped into my store tonight. i was so pleased to see nebulosus severine still kicking around the grid. they gave me the lm to their latest installation and i decided to visit. you can visit by going here:

nebulosus is known best for artwork that is both beautiful, and powerful. emotional, and educational in a way. i am always in awe when i step into one of their installations and this was no different.

the main entry way is best viewed with the highest of graphics settings, so if your experience doesn’t look like mine, try bumping up your settings.

there are two small installations at intermundia right now, “too many flowers” which is nebulosus’ installation, and ars ludus by sowa mai.

i’m focusing mainly on nebulosus’ installation because i found this piece to be very very important and perfect for the way the world is at present. it really hit me hard. there is a trigger warning notecard available at the teleport so you can make sure you would not be upset by what is shown. and i will warn you also, i have a couple of images from the installation, and they involve the topics of rape, and abortion.

visiting intermundia

i don’t want to give away too much because i feel like you need to experience this for yourself. a photo does not do it justice. this installation is painful, and reminds us of what a disturbing world we really live in.

visiting intermundia

there are many quotes both powerful and sad throughout the installation and many upsetting images. the message here is clear and really there are no words for how this whole thing made me feel.

nebulosus is one of the few artists on the grid that i truly respect. most of the ones i loved have left our virtual world for others, or the real world. sadly nebulosus is soon to lose the ability to visit second life, as their computer is in poor shape. as an admirer of their work, i am also going to add this link, to help them get another computer and continue their work in second life! use this link to help them out and support a great artist!

GODart and more…

so the GODart opening party came and when and i had a great time! there was tons of lag and tons of people but everyone managed to move around enough to see the art and enjoy the music. and i even snapped some pictures.


loglady even put out the collector’s case from the twisted hunt! that was a shock but so awesome to see XD.

so later after all that happened, lucas and i went with a couple of friends to a fashion show at the DC district, which is owned by our friend drakon cortez. everything was going well and we were watching the models when some chick jumped onto the catwalk and then flew away… so we figured he bounced her or something. but moments later the entire fashion show area was covered in griefer particles! i have to admit it was kinda funny but i feel really bad for the designer, models, and most of all drak X_x but he bounced her ass out of there and the particles went with her. it was so weird though… its been a long time since i’ve seen an actual griefing lol. back when i was a noob they were everywhere… now its so rare.

speaking of fashion…

la ultima festival (by N I M I L)

la ultima fiesta is now available at our store! this is my second dress ever and i am so proud of it. i’m really getting the hang of this clothing stuff! there’s a white version of this too but i’m partial to the black :p so go check those out at our store or on xstreet!

there’s something you guys should see

i have an amazing friend in second life named arahan claveau. he does this amazing stuff called art. do you guys know what art is? no i’m not talking about photo shopping second life pictures, i’m talking about actual art! anyway, he’s a part of this great art show and i think you all should check it out.

brooklyn is watching, is an amazing idea set up by a gallery in the real world called “jack the pelican presents”, that allows people to set up small installations (or not so small) on their sim, at no cost, for about a week, and then they kick it back to you. the coolest part about it is that the whole thing is shown, live, via a computer in the actual gallery, that people in the gallery can navigate around with a small eyeball avatar. so not just second life people get to see the exhibits.

recently “biw” had a huge contest to determine the best of their first year in sl, and finally they chose their 5 winners. those winners are Dancoyote Antonelli, Bryn Oh, Nebulosus Severine, Selavy Oh and Glyph Graves. they were all given a copy of a prim version of the real gallery and told to run with it. their installations will be judged by some people and a winner will be determined out of those 5.

now some of the artists didn’t really like the fact that they were pretty much pitted against one another in a competition, and one of those, the winner selavy oh, decided to make his version of the gallery an installation inside an installation.

selavy asked some of the “rejected” artists to join his exhibit, and show their works. sorta sticking up a middle finger to the whole contest and making it even harder for the judges to decide. i really think he should win solely based on the fact that he gave up his chance to show things in favour of giving his space to others.

one of the people asked to make an installation in selavy’s space, is my dear mr. claveau. arahan has made some amazing, and thought provoking art over the years, and has always been a kind and wonderful friend to me, so i was very excited when he invited lucas and i to see what he had done for the show.

why yes, i am being an ass and not taking a good photo of this so that you will have to actually go and see it!

arahan’s exhibit is very personal to him and though it seems very vacant from this photo, there is a lot of feelings involved in it. he includes a note card which will help you understand what he’s trying to get at, but really even without the note card, you can tell that this is a piece of him. he’s recently also written a blog post about it if you would be interested in a full explanation.

the entire show is pretty amazing, and the artists selavy oh picked are all very different and their exhibits are all very… well.. lets just say, different 😉 and i suck because i forgot the names of most of the people showing in selavy’s space, but i do know that ichibot is also in there, and his stuff is usually a lot of wtf.. but i love it. so dammit there’s plenty to see all around!

the show kicks off today at 1pm slt and runs until august 23rd. you can read more about it, and brooklyn is watching at their website. and do go see the show!

tp to the installations

tp to the party that starts at 1pm slt

and while you’re checking out some fantastic art, do make sure to check out arthole as well.

Does FedEx® hate art or is the FedEx® sim an imposter?

as some know my friends Arahan Claveau and Nebulosus Severine are both working on art exibits inside second life™ both in Amsterdam and the Virtual Holland sims for a week. a couple of nights ago we were chatting with neb about her massive lightspeed tunnel which in my opinion is an amazing work of prims and textures. during this chat she mentioned that the “co owner” of the neighboring sim, which bares the name “FedEx®”, came by and demanded she remove her art! he stated that there was too much glow and that things were too shiny and if she did not comply and remove the art he would speak to a linden and have her banned! take into concideration that this artwork is on the virtual holland sim, and NOT his sim, which in it’s own self makes his demands worthless.

we started looking into the situation when he flew over and rudely commented “i hope this is gone in a week.” yes we were a little childish, neb rezzed a picture of her bending over in a mooning pose but she was clothed in the photo and again, this is NOT ON HIS LAND!

lets take a look at Kalvin Jefferson, this so called “co-ceo” of FedEx®, as his group title states. his credentials on the main profile, sure they look sharp… but do real marketing professionals, working for a major company, purchase second hand sims and NOT move them to their own grid location not connected to any other sim? the FedEx® sim is located bordering the virtual holland sim as well as a couple of other sims owned by the same group. that’s only the tip of the iceberg. when contacting nebulosus about her art he called her “darling”. i’m sorry that’s not professional at ALL. he then banned anyone who tried to speak with him rationally about the situation except for the owner of virtual holland. they began to construct a rather crude prim wall in the one area where her tunnel was located.

let us also take a moment to dig further and check out the “owner” of this FedEx® sim, xbrian Sands

xbrian’s profile made the inner grammar-nazi in me want to destroy small planets…

What can FedEx offer u in SL? FedEx will make it so u can ship your packages Right here in SL,Thats right no more Logging out to run to the post office.U will be able to ship any package from right here in SL.Plus We will offer shipping right here in SL. at a small fee.Thats right suprise your lady and have us take her Roses with a note card from or send gifts.Let us handle your Delivery.

what professional in their right mind types like that?!?! “u” is NOT an acceptable replacement for “you”!!! especially when you are supposed to be a professional in marketing. as well they did not use the ® symbol when writing out FedEx which most major corporate sims that i have seen always make sure to use the correct branding marks when writing out the names of companies.

UPDATE! xbrian Sands no longer has anything related to FedEx® in his profile… hrm.. curious isn’t it?

their group for the sim also includes the same horribly miswritten text along with the official FedEx® logo for their group image.

none of the group members look like they are really part of any real world corporation. their profiles look like normal second life™ people.

i am all but convinced that this is a sham. if i am wrong then my appologies go to FedEx® because you are working with a very immature team.

still waiting on word on if this is actually a fake company or if this is a real company, but it just looks a bit questionable in my opinion.