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(trigger warning: please note that some of the images and text in this post may be a trigger for some, especially those who have suffered sexual abuse. please proceed with caution.)

visiting intermundia

an old friend that i haven’t seen in a long time popped into my store tonight. i was so pleased to see nebulosus severine still kicking around the grid. they gave me the lm to their latest installation and i decided to visit. you can visit by going here:

nebulosus is known best for artwork that is both beautiful, and powerful. emotional, and educational in a way. i am always in awe when i step into one of their installations and this was no different.

the main entry way is best viewed with the highest of graphics settings, so if your experience doesn’t look like mine, try bumping up your settings.

there are two small installations at intermundia right now, “too many flowers” which is nebulosus’ installation, and ars ludus by sowa mai.

i’m focusing mainly on nebulosus’ installation because i found this piece to be very very important and perfect for the way the world is at present. it really hit me hard. there is a trigger warning notecard available at the teleport so you can make sure you would not be upset by what is shown. and i will warn you also, i have a couple of images from the installation, and they involve the topics of rape, and abortion.

visiting intermundia

i don’t want to give away too much because i feel like you need to experience this for yourself. a photo does not do it justice. this installation is painful, and reminds us of what a disturbing world we really live in.

visiting intermundia

there are many quotes both powerful and sad throughout the installation and many upsetting images. the message here is clear and really there are no words for how this whole thing made me feel.

nebulosus is one of the few artists on the grid that i truly respect. most of the ones i loved have left our virtual world for others, or the real world. sadly nebulosus is soon to lose the ability to visit second life, as their computer is in poor shape. as an admirer of their work, i am also going to add this link, to help them get another computer and continue their work in second life! use this link to help them out and support a great artist!


saturday i was pleased to be witness to the opening of the new arthole gallery by arahan claveau and nebulosus severine. these two are good friends of mine and impressive artists both inside and outside of second life™.

arthole was comprised of 3 levels the first and second of which were shared by arahan and nebulosus while the third level was given over to the crazy mind of ichibot nishi who’s installation was MINDBLOWING.

one of the highlights of any installation by these three is the creativity they show in making non-static art pieces. from the spinning pages of arahan’s journals, to nebulosus’ giant television, and ichi’s case… floating breast spheres. these folks bring 3d to their artwork in a way that is both appealing and in no way boring. some of the pieces were even interactive! (try colliding with arahan’s “shoot me” piece head on and watch the colours change)

after checking out the art we were treated to a great (and unplanned) party dj’ed by arahan and nebulosus, which ended up with some of us dancing in our undies hehe.

if you are part of the arthole group, don’t miss the chance to check out this awesome gallery! not a member of the arthole group? well you’ll have to take that up with them.

i took alot of photos so i’m just going to link to to my flickr account. they are all there