6/365 - phases

sophia harlow issued an interesting blogger’s challenge to dig up our old selves and compare then and now. so i dug out the 3 major stages of my avatar’s look.

on the left is my orignal self from 2006. i tried to make myself resemble my rl self for some unknown reason. i guess because i was still getting used to things.

in the middle is how i started to look in late 06 and though some of 07. just started to get nice skin (that’s the panjen blood elf skin there) had a little money for clothes and shoes.. that damn green ass hair that i lived in for so long. and the original ears and tail that i made for myself because at the time no one had made rat ears and tail.

and of course on the right is how i look now. well one of my looks anyway, cause i change so often. but its the shape i use now.

i love looking back at how i’ve changed over time. its really fun

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