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7 SL facts!


oh i love memes and chances to talk about myself.. haha yes i am vain… that is why this website is dedicated to me! i’m stealing this from berry who stole the idea from tymmerie

fact 1: i have lived with the same crew of people since my early days in SL. when i started dating lucas, he introduced me to his sl sisters, one of his sisters left and sold the island to another sister. the isle of shadows was born and was a sim for bdsm. i lived there with lucas, with our store on the bay of shadows next door. later the isle of shadows was rented out because aiko needed money and we all moved to the bay of shadows, which is where i live now, in a skybox on top of my store.

fact 2: i hate to stand around with people. i always sit on a chair or the floor. standing around in sl makes my feet hurt in rl, especially when we are all wearing impossible high heels!

fact 3: for the first year of my time in SL i NEVER got naked. i was so very modest! i never had sl sex until i started dating lucas and i never let anyone see me without clothes on… i didn’t even like changing with others around!

fact 4: i love to people watch. i am a creepy lurker in clubs and places with lots of people. i love to go to rp sims and just sit and listen to people rp. i love to go to crowded info hubs and just watch people.

fact 5: i dress my avatar based on my mood

fact 6: i used to work for a very popular radio station in SL called phreak radio. one time i was even broadcast live over a stream playing at SXSW. i still have screenshots of lindens telling me my show was great. later i found out that their alts owned the radio station!

fact 7: for a long time second life was my only life, and while i’m not there as much as i used to be, i still love it all these years later, despite all the crappy stuff that happened, the drama with lucas, and the loss of some important people. thanks to second life i am a better person, i have learned much, and i have gained strength to be better in real life.



i’m not sure why i’ve been so lazy in this blog, i’m not dead i promise! i have actually been in second life quite a bit lately. vincent goes to sleep about 8 or 9pm most nights and i jump on sl and enjoy some time with friends or quiet time with my inventory.  i’ve been able to release a few new items in the shop and i’m even tossing around the idea of taking a few photography clients, as long as they can deal with my late night schedule…

i’ve even been exploring second life again which is nice. i have no one telling me not to go certain places which opens my world up tremendously. i’ve explored rp sims, and shopping sims, and everything in between. it has reminded me how much i love this virtual world. its a nice vacation from my skybox.

roleplay sims

i guess this is mostly a post to show off photos? i did a pile up yesterday of a plurk friend.


she is the epitome of pink and glitter, so it was only fair to make her all glittery. the original is here. incase anyone else would like to give the pile up a try.

i have run out of things to talk about, so i’ll stop blogging for now…

6 years of nimil blackflag

my 6th rez day is on the 11th but unfortunately i won’t be able to celebrate it because i will be at a doctor’s appointment getting needles stabbed into me (yay glucose test…bleh) so i figured i’d write a little blog early to celebrate the day.

when i rezzed into second life i was not looking for anything specific, i wasn’t there for fame, money, or sex. i just wanted something to do. i needed something to waste time on, and wasting time is what i did.

but while i wasted time i also gained quite a bit. good friends, good and bad experiences, and a few awesome new skills. i gained confidence, and social skills that i was severely lacking before hand. although i am still socially awkward and will probably always be that way, i feel that i am much better at expressing my thoughts, feelings, and emotions, to other people because of the experience i’ve had in second life.

thanks to second life i was able to open up and be friendly and make friends, something i have a hard time with in the real world. i gained a support net which helped carry me though some horrible times in my life, the death of my father, the death of my mother, and trying to climb though years of depression that had built up around me like a brick wall.

my 5th year in second life ended with a major change that left me a bit lonely in second life. i no longer have a partner there. this was my choice, and ultimately the best decision i could have come to. but it left me without much of a tie to second life. i can speak to most of my friends via other means, plurk, twitter, and things like that. i spend more time in the real world now which is great but i do miss my virtual world. i just can’t seem to find something that attaches me to it anymore. now with the coming of my son, i find myself even less interested in sitting in a chair.

i am not leaving second life, and this is obviously not a goodbye post, but something about second life seems lost to me now, just like real life used to. it is strange how things have flipped almost completely. i will keep logging in, keep shopping, keep wasting time (what time i have of course..), but its lonely here now and i feel disconnected. i feel uninspired… its like the rl human who entered second life is now in the virtual world, and the avatar that took from second life, all she needed, has become the human being.

i have no idea what i was trying to get at with this ramble, but yeah.. that’s where i am at the moment. over-complex as always.

happy 6 years nimil blackflag, you have served me well.

may 2012 - bored as hell

oh hai, i’m at burning life…

not much to say recently but since i took a little trip to burning life i figured i’d share some photos.

Burning Life 2011Burning Life 2011Burning Life 2011Burning Life 2011

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how to (possibly) get viewer “3” to work

i’ve noticed a few people have mentioned on plurk that they cannot get the newest LL viewer to work for them. i had this problem too, and i was given a solution by oriana kuhr that helped me get the stupid thing to work. this work around is for people who have a 64bit windows OS.

when you install the viewer, it will most likely install it to the default x86 program files folder. for some reason this is causing problems with the viewer, making it strangely unstable, or just not even run. for me, i couldn’t get the damn thing to even load past the login screen.

to remedy this, you must install the viewer outside of that x86 folder which is so simple, even a blingtard could do it.

when you are installing, and see a window like this:


just click in the box and edit out the (x86) portion. (ignore my drive letter, i install second life viewers to a different hard drive)

your box should now look like this:


just hit install and the rest is as normal!

i hope this helps some of you get your viewer to work!

Edited to add:

more tutorials are popping up for other issues with this new viewer. if my work around doesn’t work, try this!

change your DNS to combat lag – QueenKellee

One Click Vacations

sheesh.. i haven’t written since july…

a couple of weeks ago i asked people on plurk to provide me with slurls or landmarks to their favourite sims in second life. i went to each of these sims and took one photo that i felt represented the sim in my eyes. and now i’m sharing those with you!

One Click Vacation - No Salvation

No Salvation (must be adult to enter)

One Click Vacation - Sway Land


One Click Vacation - Alirium


One Click Vacation - Zaara


One Click Vacation - Tempura


One Click Vacation - Lost World

Lost World

One Click Vacation - Rust


One Click Vacation - Wastelands

The Wastelands

One Click Vacation - Koreshan


One Click Vacation - Elven Mist

Elven Mist

One Click Vacation - Hamona Island

Hamona Island

One Click Vacation - Legion


One Click Vacation - Innismouth


One Click Vacation - 6pi


One Click Vacation - Cake


this was a very fun project! and i got to see a bunch of places i’ve never been to before which was awesome. i’m sure i will do this again, so if you are friends with me on plurk be on the lookout when i ask for favourite sims!

adventures in japan: Giftmas Edition

its giftmas time and lucas and i decided to go check out probably the BEST giftmas event on the entire grid. the love soul and nipponbashi sims are COVERED IN ZOMBIES! santa zombies to be technical, and they need your help to put a stop to their evil rein of terror.

here we are in our battle gear for... er... aren't you cold?

lucas and i carefully donned out battle gear in preparation for the task at hand… ok i donned battle gear.

(actually he put on the santa suit but sl would not let me see it so lol this is what he was wearing when he got here)

you start out with a choice between reindeer or santa suit, a hud and a pillow starter weapon. the object of the game is simple, beat the shit out of zombies, level up, and collect prizes along the way!


the pillow sucks but it has a great death animation :p

what did the five fingers say to the face?!?!

i finally leveled up and found a ticket for the death hand which is quite useful though i keep running out of energy very fast D:

we kicked this thing's ass

lucas and i took to the streets of nipponbashi and battled many scary boss zombies. i died many times.

someone translate this lol

we also browsed some of the shops and cafes along the way. someone translate this for me.. because i want to know what it says lol.


i found out that the cake really is a lie.. and often contains traps.


and lucas found a merry go round that makes you sit on a pig in a slutty pose.

i saw this and thought of you arahan

we even found awesome gift ideas for arahan!

pictures i meant to post

frostmournethe magician i should really get back in the habit of blogging the stuff i do… need to get out of this rut!

i hate change!

though its pretty much inevitable i hate it all the same. so much is going on in second life and its really driving me batty. i’m not good adjusting and i try to find myself a safe little hole to stay in and when that gets disrupted, everything turns upside down on me for a while.

right now is a time of change in second life, in so many different ways. get ready for ramble.

meshes are still a go, but we’ve lost qarl. 16 and 17 year olds will soon be coming into our world and who knows what that will bring. it could be nothing or it could be a shit storm. i am relived to hear that they will be locked to general grid areas only but that doesn’t stop disgusting people from communicating with them in ims. and yes i know 16 and 17 year olds are not idiots, i know you kids know about sex, i know you kids know about a lot of things. i was a teenager once too. the main problem is, while you might not think its a big deal, the media does, and so we now have a responsibility to make sure that second life doesn’t come off as a pedo-haven. i mean seriously, the media went nuts over ADULTS pretending to be children, how fast do you think they are going to latch onto this new change and milk the non-positive side for all its worth?

yes i am paranoid, live with it.

i cant’ say i’m overjoyed to hear about kids being on the main grid. yeah i know there are some decent ones. some have already transitioned to the mg by turning 18 (arwyn quandry and katharine barry are two that i am really glad to see still kicking around on second life) and yeah there’s probably some that will be joining us who are under age who are cool (smiley barry of course, is the only actual teen grid person i know anymore lol) but even if we are getting some great teens who are innovative and intelligent and possibly more mature than our normal adult mg residents, we will most likely also be getting the brats, the assholes, the script kiddies of the future, the copy botters who ripped off our stuff and brought it to the teen grid to begin with, and who knows what else. so no i’m not exactly thrilled by this announcement.

i’m also not thrilled by the stance of Q linden at the SLCC. telling us that we need to step up and say what’s wrong. where the hell have you been? how many people have to stand up and say uh.. this viewer is shit, before you people actually acknowledge it? we aren’t just complaining because oh you moved a few things around, no you’ve completely upended all of us and even new people can’t get the hang of this thing. a new browser should take someone like me, who’s been in second life for 4 years now, a few minutes to get back into the swing of things. here we are months later and i’m still using torley’s tutorials if i want to even try to use that thing. we have stood up Q, where the hell were you?

and while i’m on the subject of viewers let me just say how completely disgusted i am at the recent emerald drama. i feel so completely lied to and betrayed by these people. i gave them my trust only to find out that i have been lied to, and possibly compromised! all the times i have brushed off people who’s opinion on emerald seemed so paranoid. i kept thinking that if LL had them on the list, then they must be compliant and nothing dangerous could possibly happen! but no, that was not the case. first i read lordgreggreg’s post about secretly encrypted stuff in my viewer of choice, and then find out that they also used that viewer to attack someone’s website. both of these are big fat NO’s in my book.

i refuse to use something that i cannot trust. even if what lordgregreg’s post was about was just a butt hurt dev trying to defame (which i don’t think it is, i honestly think he is concerned with security here.) i still do not want to be caught up in some kind of retarded viewer drama. i am very disappointed that they have somehow managed to sucker in not one but 2 ex-lindens to help them out, and i hope that those ex-lindens will take the time to research what they are getting into before they are too deep to get out of it. these people seem so very immature to me..

looking into things it does seem like one dev may be a scammer in other communities, and that furthers my opinion on why i need to switch clients.

i apologize to those who i have brushed off and called paranoid for their opinions on the emerald viewer and its devs. and i apologize to those who i have recommended this client to, because it is surely not safe to use.

for now i have switched to imprudence, which is a very good substitute for someone coming off of using emerald for pretty much an entire year now. one of the dev’s from emerald is someone i was friends with on plurk and i remember her talking about it in its beginnings and so i chose to check that out before any other client. its great so far and it seems like the team is mature and actually focused on making a viewer instead of making a fool out of themselves. and weekly builds really show you just how active they are at fixing problems and working on new ideas.

silence is not a scream

this picture is from november 15, 2006, not long after the copybot was first introduced to second life. i was a noob when this crap started and at that time i was convinced it was the end of the world. this picture is even titled “death of a world”. everyone had started putting up these signs and closing up shops.  other places started adding those annoying spamming !quit boxes to their stores. designers threatened to quit making content until LL stopped the copybot threat. to my knowledge LL didn’t do anything about it back then.

that’s why today i’m blogging because i am against this silly “protest” people are doing where they are not uploading, not creating, not blogging, etc for 2 days… not doing anything is not going to get anything done. you are not shouting, you are being silent.

closing your doors shows the copybotters and texture thieves that you give up. instead i plan to go out shopping today and support creators! and of course, as a content creator myself, it is my right to say that LuNi Designs will not be closing at all during this 2 day boycott, so please do feel free to stop by and support us as well!

if you want to do something about theft, don’t shut your mouth, don’t stop supporting the content creators! instead, do something about it! report thieves! don’t accept ripped off content! make a stand by saying i will not be silent!